You can connect your Facebook account when setting up your Tydo account, or at any time on your integrations tab.

💡 We recommend using Chrome when attempting to connect to Facebook.

Steps to connect:

  1. Click “Connect” on the tile labled “Facebook”

  2. You’ll be redirected to a Facebook login page. Login with the account you wish to connect, and confirm in subsequent steps that this is the account you wish to connect.

  3. A new page will automatically load with accounts you can choose to connect. Select applicable accounts, then continue.

  4. The page will reload to begin the integration process. Once completed, you will be redirected back to the integrations page.

Helpful tip!

If after step 2 you are redirected to a page stating there are no accounts to connect to, or the account you wish to connect to is not listed, it is likely that you are not an Admin on the Facebook account you’re attempting to connect to.

To resolve: Click back and attempt to connect a different account where you are the administrator, or update permissions on your end so you are administrator.

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