“When I click ‘Connect’, nothing happens”

A pop-up should appear to authorize your Google account. If you are not seeing this, you likely have a pop-up blocker turned on.

To resolve: Disable any pop-up blocker.

“I selected an account to connect, but the next screen said that the account can’t be authenticated”

You have likely chosen a Google account that is either:

  1. Not associated with a Google Ad Manager account

  2. Not an admin account

To resolve: Either go back and connect an account that meets the above criteria, or take action on your Google account to meet the criteria.

Resource: Google Ad Manager

Resource: How to view permissions on Google

“It shows ‘Connected’ but it is the wrong account, or I need to change it”

Tydo Support will need to assist with this. Please email [email protected] and request which integrations you’d like to disconnect.

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