“When I click ‘Connect’, nothing happens”

A pop-up should appear to authorize your Google account. If you are not seeing this, you likely have a pop-up blocker turned on.

To resolve: Disable any pop-up blocker.

“I selected an account to connect, but the next screen says there are no Google Analytics accounts associated with that email, but there are”

It is likely that the email you logged in with is not an admin on any Google Analytics account, therefore would not allow permissions for you to attempt to connect to it.

To resolve: Either go back and connect an account that meets the above criteria, or take action on your Google account to meet the criteria.

Resource: Google Analytics Permissions

“It shows ‘Connected’ but it is the wrong account, or I need to change it”

Tydo Support will need to assist with this. Please email [email protected] and request which integrations you’d like to disconnect.

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