“When I click ‘Connect’, nothing happens”

After clicking connect, you should be redirected to a Facebook page to login. If this is not happening, refresh the page you are on, and attempt again.

We recommend using Chrome when connecting to Facebook as it has been reported other browsers may block certain functions of the process.

“After logging into my Facebook account, I’m redirected back to Tydo and told there are no accounts for me to connect or the account I want to connect is not listed”

It is likely that the email you logged into Facebook with is not registered as Admin to the account you wish to connect to, or any account.

To resolve: Either go back and connect an account that meets the above criteria, or take action on your Facebook account to meet the criteria.

Resource: Facebook page permissions

“It shows ‘Connected’ but it is the wrong account, or I need to change it”

Tydo Support will need to assist with this. Please email [email protected] and request which integrations you’d like to disconnect.

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