First, check to make sure all of your expected integrations are connected, and syncing regularly.

If integrations are operational, it may be one of following reasons.

Lapse between data syncs

Tydo syncs the data from your accounts at midnight relative to your time each day. If an update happens to an order, that would not be reflected until the following day.

Discrepancy in order counting through Shopify

Shopify analytics will at times count orders more than once for a variety of reasons. One example is if an order is manually changed or it is an exchange. In Shopify, it will show as two orders, but one in Tydo. If your Tydo data is under counting what you see in Shopify, please check previous day orders for any manual adjustments, or exchanges.

If all integrations are operational, and what you’re seeing does not fall into one of the above examples, Tydo Support will want to dig into this further. To do so, we need the following:

  1. A screenshot of the analytics you're seeing on Tydo that appears to be incorrect. Please capture the date filter in the screenshot.

    1. If this is a general discrepancy, please choose "Last week" as the date range

    2. If this is a discrepancy for a specific time, please set it to that range, and note it to Support

  2. A screenshot of the data source you are comparing Tydo reporting to. Make sure the time frame is the same as what you are viewing in Tydo.

    1. Note: Our week is Monday - Sunday, so please adhere to that.

Send those over to us at [email protected] or start a chat with us. Please include a brief description of the irregularities you're seeing to accompany the screenshots so we have context.

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