To remove the permissions granted to Tydo, you will need to take action via the account you connected (ie. Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook…). Please refer to the below instructions to disconnect Tydo permissions.


  • Navigate to your Google account settings.

  • In the left sidebar menu, select Security.

  • In the Third-party apps with account access section, click Manage third-party access.

  • In the list of third-party apps, select Fivetran or Tydo, then click Remove access.

For Facebook:

Follow the below instructions. You will need to remove Fivetran or Tydo:

For Shopify:

Simply uninstall the Fivetran or Tydo app, see Shopify's instructions here under "Uninstall an App":

You can also request that we remove the integration on our end, but that will only stop any future data from syncing, which would automatically happen if permissions are revoked on your connected account. Please chat or email ([email protected]) with the following if you’d like us to also remove the connection.

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